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Zarthas - Reflections


Pleased to inform you all, that we have sealed a worldwide deal for our 3rd album with Wormholedeath.
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New video out now!



Finnish national public service broadcasting company YLE noticed our China tour in the news. Check the article here:


A big change in the line-up is happening. With all understanding we are going separate ways
with our drummer Toni Virtanen. Not any drama is involved and we wish him all the best in the future, as well as we want to thank him for all these years. This mutual decision is best for both parties. Toni will contribute his time and effort to a band called SINVISION, from now on.

New drummer is already named. With all the joy we welcome aboard mr. Jani Vahera, who really proved himself on Spit / Ignite China-tour.

It is simple. If you cant give 100% of your heart and soul to a band, the results are going to be
nothing but stressful in the end. To yourself and the band. And this band doesnt deserve that.

However, this has been a good ride, with ups and downs, as usual. Luckily, everyone will remain friends, so no drama here, as said. My priority now is Sinvision and I wish the guys (and girl) all the best. Thank you. To the sunset, over and out.