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We are releasing a new single along with a music video. The song is titled "4 Letter Word", and it will be out via Inverse Records. This is the first recording of our drummer Juha-Matti Sipola, so we are thrilled to finally release some brand new stuff. Release date is 17.10.2018, and "4 Letter Word" will be available in all major digital platforms.


We have come to a point where our multi talented rhythm machine Jani Vahera is going to step aside and move on to new musical challenges. We separate as good friends, and no bad blood or any drama is in the air. Jani will still play tomorrow in Tervatupa, Ruukki. After that our drummer seat is open for a new player.
"It has been an honour to play with these guys, but now it is time to turn the page and explore some new things in music" says Jani.
We wish him good luck and all the best in future.

So, new drummer is who? Is it you? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. We have some exciting things to come.


Reflections is digitally out now! Get it from Spotify!

Zarthas - Reflections


Pleased to inform you all, that we have sealed a worldwide deal for our 3rd album with Wormholedeath.
More info :: here ::